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Chronicles of the Death Row 13: Curtain Call Vol 1

by nineball01953


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No cover picture to describe the book just my personal one if that makes any sense. Three years have passed since the daring rescue mission of the princess of Kyrusha. And to say Elliot “The Demisha” King and Felicity “The Divine” Clou life has returned to normal would be a slap in the face to those who read this series cause we all know better, so we’ll just say normal enough for them. Having no part of the Titaness of Heavens’ Mercenary team, the ex-leaders of the Death Row 13 have found a place where they no longer need to run or hide from the growing number of enemies that they have made over the years. Now the last Shikahn and Koma are residents of the kingdom, and it seems the wondering vagabond and his Komaic mother have found a place to put their old occupation and jaded past behind them. Yet a new factor that has always had its fingers in his complicated life has not only discovered his existence but has figured to better end the job that was meant to be done by his own adopted mother. Making him a valuable chess piece but to whom and for what remains to be seen.