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What is POP Comics®?

A free-to-read, ad-supported mobile platform for comics and manga that’s open to absolutely everyone! Read great comics for FREE and support your favorite creators at the same time! Click here and here to learn more about the platform and here to read our Terms of Service.

For Readers

Where can I download the POP Comics® app?


Once you’ve installed the app, you can start reading immediately. You can then create a user account if you’d like to post a comment or upload comics of your own!

And check out our demo to get the full 411 on how to use our intuitive mobile interface for flipping between pages!

PLEASE NOTE: POP Comics® is a streaming service, and therefore requires a working Internet connection in order to read comics on the platform. We are also a mobile-first service and do not (yet) support reading comics via the web.

Does it cost anything to read comics on POP Comics®?

Maybe - we use a FREEMIUM model so many of the stories are completely free, especially INDIE stories by independent comics and manga creators.

For PREMIUM stories, you can use your COINS to purchase them - and sometimes you can earn COINS for participating in POP Comics® - and of course you can buy a package of COINS.

For the INDIE stories, all our revenue comes from interstitial ads placed organically in-between pages (just like how ads appear in print comics) and interspersed throughout our product listings so as not to disrupt the reading experience. We also give 70 percent of the net advertising receipts to creators, so you’re financially supporting your favorite artists and writers each and every time you read and share their work!


Why should I self-publish on POP Comics®?

POP was designed specifically for the phone and tablet - not retrofitted from a web experience. That means your readers can discover, read and share your comics from absolutely anywhere! We also let you format your pages the way you want them to appear. At POP, you’re in control!

Does POP Comics® take any rights?

None whatsoever! POP is a content platform, not a publisher. You have full control over what you put on POP, and you may remove your comics from the platform at any time for any reason. Check out our Terms of Service for more details!

Can I earn money by self-publishing on POP Comics®?

You’d better believe it! We’re offering a full range of advertising within the app - focusing on interstitial ads that are inserted in Episodes after every four content (just like how ads appear in print comics) as well as ads integrated into our product listings. These ad types will deliver a higher CPM than traditional banner ads without impacting the reading experience.

Oh, and speaking of CPM, we’ll be giving creators 70 percent of our net advertising receipts, with our Founding Creators receiving an additional 5 percent on top of that!

You can track your ad impressions and ad revenue in the My Revenue portion of your Creator Console. The tabs in My Revenue only update on a monthly basis at the moment, so don’t be alarmed when you get views on an Episode and yet your number of ad impressions stays the same. They ARE being tracked, and you WILL get credit for each one when our team ports over the data each month!

Read our Creator Payment Program documentation for all the details on monetization.

What kind of content can I put on POP Comics®?

All are welcome (and encouraged!) to share their content on POP! The only requirements are that you own the copyright, that the content meets our file formatting requirements, and that it follows our Community Guidelines \- basically no extreme violence, hate speech or sexually explicit content. Check out our Terms of Service for more info!

How do I upload my comics to POP Comics®?

It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes. We’ve broken it down for you step-by-step with visual aids here or you can follow the instructions below:

On iOS

  • Download the POP Comics® app from the App Store
  • Create a user account in the app.
  • Use the tools in the “My Portfolio” section within the app or on our website to create a new Story!
  • Upload pages and then publish your first Episode!

On Android

  • Download the POP Comics® app from the Google Play
  • Create a user account in the app.
  • Use the tools in the “My Portfolio” section within the app or on our website to create a new Story!
  • Upload pages and then publish your first Episode!

On the Web (Recommended)

  • Create a user account on the POP Comics® app on iOS or Android.
  • Use your account info to log in to the Creator Console.
  • Click on “Create a new story” and follow the instructions to begin self-publishing your comics on POP!

How should I format my comics for mobile optimization on POP Comics®?

Start by reading our POP Tips and Tricks comic to learn how to best format your comics for optimal mobile viewing on phones and tablets!

Done? Okay, here are a few additional bits of info you’ll probably want to know:

File Formats: PNGs or JPEGs only
File Size: 3MB max per page
Page Count: To optimize both the reading experience and maximize ad revenue, we recommend a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 22 pages per Episode.
Pixel Dimensions:

  • Story cover - Width: 640; Height: 640
  • Episode cover - Width: 200; Height: 200
  • Creator Profile image - Width: 640; Height: 640
  • Page image - Width: No more than 1440; Height: No more than 2036

PLEASE NOTE: Page images will automatically resize to fit the dimensions of the device, so you may retain the original aspect ratio of your work.

How do I contact the POP Comics® team?

You can contact us using the Feedback and Support button in the Settings tab of the app or via email at info@popcomics.com \. We look forward to hearing from you!