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Re-born Legacy

by reborn7671122


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kintaro,and his best friend Jimi went on a journey to defeat the evil that came out through a anti -god portal in deep into the Outer-verse,so the balance of life and death could be restored .Kintaro x Jimi had to unlock their potential and get god like power in other to defeat all the enemies that in dangers the innocent life forms.They soon have to become strong beings with no limit to defeat the infinite assassin Unknown.Unknown was manipulating kintaro and jimi,everything they did was part of his plan,even when they killed him,it was his plan that after he died he will come back to life even more powerful than before.After years past when they became stronger they saved reality from unknown.Then GOD gave them a gift for goodness they have done. Kintaro and jimi finally were able to live in harmony,or so they thought.

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