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Code Demon

von phantomhiveel0


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What's life like for the famous son of Kali Cloud, the renowned tech mogul of the world? It's hell...literally. Technology is not Nikto's passion, he loves art. But, in order for Nikto to continue on his father's legacy, he is stripped of his life and love in Japan and sent to live in the US. Is that enough for you? No way! He also has to major in computer science in order to understand the genius that goes into making Nan Keitai's tablets and cellphones. Gut wrench. Nikto, completely confused and lost in his classes, results to online help from a seamlessly harmful site called SAY10. Little does he know, SAY10 is the demon god of the underworld who every year grants 10 mortals a chance to achieve their dreams. The catch? They must fight one another, to the death, with their demonic sidekicks. The sole survivor will achieve his/her aspirations. The big question...is it worth Nikto's life and the lives of others in order to pass college and be reunited with his girlfriend?