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Ed and the Light Warriors

by levidrawer


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For thousands of years, there have been swordsmen called Light Warriors, warriors who fight off demons that managed to escaped the tortures of the Underworld and try to go into the Overworld to seek peace. One day, one Light Warrior turned rogue. The other Light Warriors tried to stop him from his evil actions, but it was too late. He could not be killed, so he was sealed instead. The rest of the Warriors also suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.
15 years later, Edward Wolford finds out that he is next in line to become a Light Warrior. With his new role in life, he finds out that the rogue warrior will soon break the seal and be free, learns about what really happened to the rest of the Light Warriors, and also why he was chosen to become one.
A story about sacrifice, friendship, family, tragedy, memories, and the importance of life.

Updates 3 times a week.

Written and Illustrated by me.


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