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Lex and Rex

by Marky Comics Alternative


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Two heroes who flunk out of Super Hero University. They hook up with a stripper and her waitress friend. Throw in an alien group from Mars, what else could go wrong? Contains nudity, coarse language, and adult situation humour. A comic series that doesn't take itself too seriously and they know it.

If deleted head over to Web Toons and Tapas.

109 Episodes

3 Ratings

fan de htf 2021-05-08 22:42

Ivanyldo Gabriel 😎💥❗ 2020-04-21 12:07

Marky Comics Alternative 2020-04-12 20:34

The series was taken down before. Now its back up but only the first few pages of each issue. To read the rest, go to the Lex and Rex facebook fan page, Tapas and Web Toons.

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