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Familie (Kinder) en

Bibi & Miyu,

von TOKYOPOP Manga


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Manga by Olivia Vieweg and Hirara Natsume

When a new student from Japan shows up at Bibi Blocksberg's school, she fits in immediately. But Bibi's suspicious; she knows Miyu's hiding something, and she's determined to find out what! Bibi's journey takes her all the way to Japan, and while learning about all the new rules and magic in this foreign land, she realizes that maybe she and Miyu can be friends after all!

3 Bewertungen

Nuage Laboratoire38 2021-12-12 05:32

rianleah201919 2021-07-06 21:15

Hoshimiya Ichigo19 2020-11-08 09:11

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