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Grimms Manga Tales Anthology

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Manga by Anike Hage, Anna Hollmann, Kei Ishiyama, Misaho Kujiradou, Mikiko Ponczeck, Inga Steinmetz, Luisa Velontrova, Nina Werner and Reyhan Yildirim

Everybody knows the Brothers Grimm fairytales, but what if the versions you heard were only part of the story? Read each artist's creative spin on these beloved tales. Featuring Old Sultan, King Thrushbeard, Rumpelstiltskin, Brother and Sister, Cinderella, The Town Musicians of Bremen, Mother Hulda, and Sleeping Beauty, this fantasy manga retells these timeless tales... but with a new twist!

2 Bewertungen

Yêu Quỳnh Mai Tuấn Anh99 2023-03-20 06:04

Yêu Vũ Quỳnh Mai Tuấn Anh

Ronja Räuber29 2020-04-12 16:46

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