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Kilala Princess, Vol 4 (Disney Manga)

by Disney Manga


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Kilala and Rei are on a quest to collect all the remaining gems for their tiara to save their country, Paradiso. They fall into the world of Beauty and the Beast, where they accidentally lose the Beast’s pocket watch in the river. Rei will stop at nothing to get it back … but will his efforts be enough? Meanwhile, in the world of Sleeping Beauty, Kilala must serve as a maid at Princess Aurora’s 17th birthday party. She encounters Maleficent in disguise, and soon falls under her evil spell. The only thing strong enough to break it is True Love’s Kiss. Will Rei rescue her in time to save Paradiso?

2 Ratings

Wysteria4 2020-05-01 22:30

ip.annette75 2019-05-02 09:03

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