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Miriya & Marie (Disney Manga)

by Disney Manga


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Manga by Maya.
Inspired by the classic Disney animated film, The Aristocats! Even though the wealthy young girl Miriya has almost everything she could ever need, what she really wants is to find her missing parents. But this year, she gets an extra special birthday gift when Marie, a magical white kitten, appears and whisks her away to Paris! Learning the art of magic is one thing, but getting to eat the tastiest French pastries and wear the most beautiful fashion takes Miriya and Marie's journey to a whole new level! This full-color manga adventure will be an adorable addition to your Disney Manga collection!

2 Ratings

Alphonso Barrera 2022-08-21 19:42

natebrony200173 2020-11-25 01:27

this comic is the part of the Aristocats movie

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